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-   ABOUT US  -

RIB IN A CUP was founded one hungry evening long ago on a campsite in Delaware. After an exhausting weekend at a music festival, everyone agreed, something needed to be cooked and eaten. There we stood: one rack of ribs, no utensils. However, we did have plenty of cups. 


As the ribs sizzled and the smoke lifted, everyone waited in anticipation. You could see the pure joy on their faces as I handed them a mighty rib bone smothered in BBQ sauce, emerging from a bright yellow cup. 


Since then, we coined the phrase "Rib in a Cup" and serve them at all of our social events. We've also added a number of delicious eats including fried chicken in a cup, mac-n-cheese waffles, tacos, sliders, chili, you name it.


Hope you enjoy !



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